Aerial Photography Cornwall

Aerial Photography Cornwall

Sharkfin Media have many years experience in aerial photography in and around Cornwall

Aerial photography is a great way to show your business from the air. Cornwall is a beautiful county and with its varied coastline looks stunning from the air. The following business can really benefit from high quality aerial photography over Cornwall:

  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Property Developers
  • Estate Agents
  • Theme parks and tourist destinations
  • Land owners

When overflying the target, we take multiple photographs from multiple angles, zooming in and out to ensure that you get a wide and varied selection of shots.
As an aside we often over fly other areas whilst travelling to and from the primary destination to take more images of Cornwall, just for fun.

High Quality Aerial and Drone Photography Cornwall

Good aerial photography around Cornwall depends on a number of factors including:

Local Knowledge

Our photographer Dan grew up in Cornwall and as a result knows the county well. This is crucial when it comes to aerial photography. Looking at maps and working out your route on the ground is one thing but once you’re in the air and the clock is ticking, local knowledge is key to finding your subject quickly. Time in the aircraft is limited and so reaching your destination quickly gives the photographer more time to capture the images.

Access to an Aircraft

It goes without saying but aerial photography would be difficult without access to an aircraft. Fortunately Sharkfin Media have worked with a number of pilots and their aircraft over the years.

Photography Equipment

Aerial photography will test your equipment to the max. If your camera and lenses are not up to it then the results will be disappointing. We use professional digital SLR camera bodies and pro grade telephoto lenses resulting in crystal clear, sharp images.

Image Processing

Once we have completed the aerial photo shoot, the best images are selected, processed on copied onto CDROM in their full resolution state. These can then be used in your advertising, website or anywhere else where you think the aerial shots might be useful.

So if you’re looking for someone to take aerial photographs over Cornwall, why not contact Sharkfin Media now.