Google SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a great website and content is futile if no-one can find it!

Our Google Adwords Certified team offer a number of packages to ensure that you can be found for relevant terms on the search engines.

Standard Google SEO – Included

Our standard Google SEO package is included in your site cost with us.

  • The website and content will be optimised for crucial search terms relevant to your business.
  • We will register your site with Google.
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design. This is a key factor as Google now prioritise sites that are optimised for mobile devices.

Google Adwords Campaign Setup – £350 + VAT

We can help set you up for Advertising on Google. It is vital to do this correctly, or you can waste a significant amount of money on clicks and terms that are not relevant to your business.

Google SEO Tune-Up – £350 + VAT

If you are looking to further improve and refine your search engine results, then this premium package is the one for you.

Whereas most companies charge an ongoing monthly fee for SEO (this can easily be £300+ a month!) we complete our work in a one-off cost.

  • In-depth Keyword research will be carried out to ensure that your search terms are those with the highest volume of traffic and are most relevant to your business. Additional keywords will also come out from this research that will give new opportunities to gain extra hits and potential customers.
  • Every page of the site will be optimised individually for additional terms.
  • Competitor analysis. We will go behind the scenes of your top competitors and discover all of the aspects that give them their current rankings. We will then work with you to set out a roadmap for how you can match and then surpass them.
  • Trackable metrics for progress and search results.