New Website for Yoga Business in Cornwall

Sharkfin Media have recently finished a new website for Atha Yoga, who are based in Cornwall.

Website and Logo Design

Yoga Cornwall

Jerusha and Andrew Moon work together to bring regular classical yoga classes to Falmouth and Penryn. They also offer bodywork and yoga retreats, and in their words during classes they “explore what it means to live in a human body”. We have known Atha Yoga for some time, and we were very happy to be asked to help them redesign their website. From the start of the consultation process for their web design, Jerusha and Andrew had a clear vision. It incorporates their own art work and photographs, which in turn inspired the colour scheme. The use of blue helps to convey their creativity, compassion, sensitivity and integrity. This colour is also used for the Atha Yoga logo which was designed in collaboration with Sharkfin Media. We can support customers as part of the web design process to also design a new logo for their business, and both processes compliment each other. The website is divided into relevant sections to ensure that all of the information Jerusha and Andrew wish to communicate with their customers is available and is easy to find. The web content is essential in ensuring all who visit the website can understand their core values and the aims of their yoga classes. For instance, they state”We also aim to have a lot of fun, play with yoga as a creative process, and provide a safe place from which to explore the challenges of being human.”

Additional Website Features

The website contains a blog feature, with important articles written by Jerusha and Andrew about their yoga practice in Cornwall. It also has an easy to find section about all of their regular classes, which is essential for any business offering something on a regular basis for their clients to engage in. In addition, there is a gallery, all images and art work chosen carefully by Jerusha and Andrew, to help convey their values and thoughts. This website is truly unique to Atha Yoga, and we strive to ensure that all websites that we design in Cornwall are as individual as our clients. We take great care in the creation of the web design and featured web content so that it conveys the right messages about the business to anyone viewing it. Sharkfin Media are very proud to present the Atha Yoga website to you, and we hope that you enjoy viewing it as much as we have enjoyed working on it.