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Ecommerce Website Cornwall

Sharkfin Media Build a new eCommerce website for BBwear Ltd

BBwear Ltd is a company based in Cornwall that manufactures bee keeping protective clothing. They had an e-commerce website but were dissatisfied with its look and performance and so contacted Sharkfin Media to discuss a complete rebuild.

Magento Cornwall

Together we decided a complete rebuild based on the popular e-commerce platform Magento was the best option.

Magento is the industry standard when it comes to online purchasing systems and is one that Sharkfin Media is familiar with. Magento is a powerful open source e-commerce platform that is feature rich and cross platform compatible.


As with all our clients we included a professional photo shoot as part of the package. In this case we completed a number of photo shoots. The first was a location shoot, in a garden with bee hives. We included adults and children wearing the protective bee keeping clothing to show the product in it’s various sizes and colours in use.

We then spent a day in our photographic studio with a number of models photographing the full range of clothing and equipment. These would later be used as product shots in the ecommerce website.

Magento is very good at detailed product definition and was well suited for BBwear as much of their bee keeping protective clothing comes in different colours and sizes all of which can be defined on a product by product basis within Magento.

We were also able to interface the Magento shopping system with Worldpay, a third party online payment gateway. This ensures that all transactions are processed securely and that the seller, our client, received notification on completion of each sale.

Since launch the website has generated a large amount of business for our client and they are more than satisfied with the results. The client is currently configuring shipping options on a country by country and region by region basis; another area where Magento excels. This ensures that delivery to hard to reach areas is charged at the appropriate rate ensuring the client does not lose out on shipping charges.

If you are looking for a company in Cornwall to build you an e-commerce website, contact Sharkfin Media now.