Truro Trees New Website

Truro Trees New Website

Sharkfin Media recently completed a new website for Truro Trees, a tree surgeon based in Truro, Cornwall

The company’s old website was built some years ago and had only two pages, limited content and out of date pictures.

Website Redesign

After an initial consultation over a cup of coffee in Sharkfin Media’s Truro office it was decided that the website would benefit from a complete redesign. The design brief included colour schemes, style and content with careful attention paid to search engine optimisation. The existing site had very little search engine optimisation and so it was agreed to rewrite the text to include appropriate keywords in the right places. In this case we identified that ‘tree surgeon Cornwall’ would be the primary search phrase that potential clients might search for.

Professional Photography

An effective website not only relies on good design and functionality but also high quality imagery.

As part of the FREE website package Sharkfin Media offers all of its clients a professional photo shoot. Our in house pro photographer met with the client the following week and photographed all aspects of their work. The images would be key when designing a visually effective website. The photographs were also given to the client in their full resolution state on CDROM for them to use in other advertising campaigns.

Over the next week Sharkfin Media began the redesign process incorporating the new ideas, colours and style discussed during the initial meeting. The design of the home page incorporated the font face, font colour, font size, page layout and navigation. On receiving feedback from the client the initial design which was then developed further. On a second viewing the client agreed that the new website build could move to the next phase, the construction phase.

Construction Phase

The construction phase of the web build involved converting what was an image into a functioning website breathing life into the new design. The client was then shown:

  • A functioning navigation bar with drop down menus
  • Slideshows of the images taken by Sharkfin Media’s photographer
  • Functional web pages including a home page and contact page

Content supplied by the client was incorporated into the relevant web pages before launching the new website. The complete process only took four weeks and the results were both visually impressive and resulted in a great Google position.

Visit the new site here