New Website for Jewellery Designer in Cornwall

New Website for Jewellery Designer in Cornwall

Sharkfin Media have now finished designing and creating a new website with extensive commercial photography for Sunbird Jewellery, who is also known as Claire O’Sullivan

Claire launched Sunbird Studio after finishing her BA in silversmithing and jewellery at Truro College this year. From the start of the consultation process with Sharkfin Media, she has had a very clear view of what web design would work best with her values and work. She wanted something very simple to showcase striking images of her jewellery, for it to be the focal point of her website. Claire describes her jewellery as “…effortlessly wearable…Made in sterling silver with 18ct gold accents and using coloured semi-precious stones, the pieces deftly become dress up, or dress down essentials.”

Commercial Photography in Cornwall

Sharkfin Media provides commercial photography as part of our service, and there is no additional cost. We worked with Claire to create simple, high quality studio images that allow her jewellery to take centre stage. A very simple white background, plus excellent photographic skills, were used to achieve this.

Website Design in Cornwall

The colour scheme of the website was chosen to reflect Claire’s personal preferences and what reflects her business (black and orange). A black background was also chosen to contrast and compliment the images of her jewellery, to ensure this really is the focal point for her website. This is always carefully considered during the web design process, to help ensure that each client achieves their goals and a memorable website that is also accessible is completed.

Claire has told us that she’s very happy with how quickly her website was built and is proud to show it off! We’ve really enjoyed working with her and we hope you will agree that the end result is something to be proud of.