Kids Clothing Cornwall

Rootz Kids Clothing

Clothing for kids in Cornwall

This year saw a new shop specialising in children’s clothing open in Perranporth, Cornwall. Rootz Kids Clothing aims to fill a gap in the high street by providing a shop that caters solely for children, as service that is lacking in Cornwall.

Kids Clothing Cornwall

As part of an effective marketing campaign it was decided that the business needed an effective web presence and so Sharkfin Media were tasked to design and construct a new website.

As with all Sharkfin Media websites, the images were deemed to be key in the overall design and so a professional studio photoshoot was arranged for children to model clothes in Sharkfin’s photographic studio. The resulting images, set against a white background, were perfect for ‘on page’ placement within the various pages of the website.


A second photoshoot was then arranged of the interior of the shop focusing on the clothes and coffee bar. These images were then added to slideshows at the top of each web page adding visual impact. Images of food and drink were also added to the sidebar on each page, a great way to entice potential clients into the shop.

Search Engine Optimastion (SEO)

Rather than the company name it was decided to base the domain name on a key phrase that someone might type into Google. In this case ‘kids clothing cornwall’ was chosen. With careful placement of the key phrase within the ‘on page’ text the result is a Google position of page one, position one or two!!

As well as using Google maps to show the location of the shop and online enquiry forms it was decided to add a news letter signup widget to the footer of each page; a great way to stay in touch with interested and potentially new clients.