How To Make A Google Review Link

How To Make A Google Review Link

When working on your SEO strategy, it is vitally important to have your ‘Google – My Business’ page in place, up to date and with as many 5 star reviews as possible. 

Here are some of the major benefits this will make to your site: 

  • Google will consider your Google reviews when it comes to SEO on searches.
  •  Google search map results will prioritise location but will also be affected by review count.
  • 5-star reviews build customer trust in your company. A potential customer is far more likely to click on a company with 50 5 star reviews than a company with none, even if they were higher in the listings.

How to Generate The Link

Getting these reviews is not always straightforward. Customers will need to have a Google account and search for your business which leads to many missed opportunities. 

Here is the official way to create a direct link which you can then send to a customer. This link will open their browser directly into the ‘leave review’ window.