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How do I rank higher with Google in my local area?

How do I rank higher with Google in my local area?

Google My Business

One of the most important things to do as a local business is to do everything possible to be found as high as you can on the search engines. As you have probably noticed, Google have a local map that shows up with certain searches and show the relevant local business’. As there are normally only 3 search results shown in this map, the competition can be fierce.

The first step in achieving a place on this list is to make sure that you have created or claimed your business on Google’s My Business.

My Business - Sharkfin Media

Once you have registered, make sure that you fill in 100% of the details in your profile. Pay particular attention to the primary category, this is CRUCIAL as it dictates what types of searches you will be eligible for.

The last and most time consuming step is to gain as many reviews as possible for your business. This will give you credibility both with Google and also directly with the person searching. Even if you showed up third in the list, you would stand a much higher chance of being clicked on if you have 50 star reviews rather than a competitor who has no reviews but the top listing.

Sharkfin Media - My Business ranking

Do contact us if you need any help setting this up and we will gladly help!

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